How do I join ACPC?

First, please confirm that you meet the membership requirements, which are summarized as follows:
  • you are a licensed patent professional;
  •  you lead a department that includes one or more of the following:
    • has a total of 4 or more licensed patent professionals – including yourself and any open requisitions;
    • files at least 25 priority patent applications in a calendar year;
    • has a total world-wide revenue of at least $2,000,000,000; and
  •  you are employed by an industrial United States corporation; and
  •  no other member or your company or an affiliated company is already a Regular Member. Please refer to the actual By-Laws Section 2 (click here) or contact ACPC at info@acpcnet.org if you have any questions. Second, please fill out the ACPC Regular Membership Application and send it to the ACPC Secretary. 
NOTE: Attendance at meetings is a requirement for continued membership. Membership may be
terminated for unexcused failure to attend in person or by proxy (Regular Member Alternate) three consecutive meetings.


How do I become an Emeritus Member? 

A Regular Member becomes an Emeritus Member so long as the following conditions have been met:
  • the member has been a Regular Member for at least 4 years;
  • the member’s dues are up to date; and
  • the member is in compliance with the attendance requirements.  
Please contact ACPC at info@acpcnet.org to request a change in membership status.


May minor children attend ACPC activities? 

Please see below. 
  •  Breakfast – YES, so long as they are accompanied by a paying attendee.
  •  Evening Receptions & Dinners – NO
  • Afternoon activities
  • Golf/Tennis - NO  
  • Other - YES, but no advanced registration is allowed and only as space permits.

How do I obtain a refund for a meeting I have already registered for?

Refunds are not generally allowed. Members are encouraged to send an alternate.

How do I get a copy of the results of ACPC’s Annual Salary Survey?

You MUST participate in the survey to receive the survey results. There are no exceptions. If you participate in the survey, the survey results will be sent to you.

Why are the registration fees higher for a Regular Member Guest than a Regular Member Alternate?

The Regular Member's membership dues subsidize the meeting registration fee.  Since a Regular Member Alternate is attending the meeting in the place of the Regular member, the meeting registration fee is the same for the Regular member Alternative as for the Regular Member.  Since a Regular Member Guest (2nd in command) is attending in addition to the Regular Member, higher registration fees for the Regular member Guest (and any guest of the Regular Member Guest) may apply.