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ACPC holds two national meetings per year — one in January and one in June. The meeting kicks off with a Welcome Reception great for networking with peers. Professional Programming is held Monday through Wednesday morning. Benchmarking Sessions are held on Tuesday afternoon, and a plated dinner with entertainment takes place Tuesday evening. ACPC also offers additional activities such as a golf tournament, tennis, a Women’s Networking Lunch, and activities that help attendees experience their host city.

Please click on our Future Meetings tab (under Meetings) to learn about ACPC’s upcoming meetings. Here you will be able to register for the next ACPC meeting and reserve your hotel room.


Common ACPC Meeting FAQs

Am I allowed to attend an ACPC Meeting if I am not a member? 

ACPC allows prospective members to attend one meeting at the Regular Member rate before joining ACPC. Afterwards, if an individual decides to become a member within six months of that meeting, ACPC will waive their dues through January 31st of the upcoming year.

ACPC meetings are otherwise only available to members and invited guests.

What activities can my child attend?

Children may attend breakfast Monday through Wednesday, if accompanied by a paying adult and any of the afternoon excursions. Age restrictions may apply on the afternoon activities.

Children are not allowed to attend ACPC professional programming, receptions, Women’s Networking Lunch, Benchmarking Sessions, or Tuesday dinner. 

Does ACPC provide babysitting services during the meetings? 

ACPC is happy to assist you in securing babysitting services during our meetings and will cover a portion of the cost. Should you need services, please notify info@acpcnet.org at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. 

How do I obtain a refund for a meeting I have already registered for?

Refunds are not generally allowed and members are encouraged to send an alternate. However, you can send a formal request to info@acpcnet.org which will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. If granted, the Executive Committee generally credits the amount towards the next upcoming meeting. 

How do I get a copy of the results of ACPC’s annual Benchmarking Survey?

The  Benchmarking Survey report was established in Summer of 2017 and was written and produced by Association of Corporate Patent Counsel (ACPC).  This report is provided under controlled distribution and is not generally available to the public. No redistribution or sharing, either in whole or in part, is allowed without written permission from ACPC.

  • ACPC members who participate in the survey will receive the complete survey report via email.
  • ACPC members who are current on their dues have access to a subset version of the survey report. To access this, please to go the Past Meetings Tab (under Meetings), select the meeting you wish to view benchmarking slides for, and click on Speaker Presentations.

Why are the registration fees higher for a Regular Member Guest than a Regular Member Alternate?

The Regular Member's membership dues subsidize the meeting registration fee.  Since a Regular Member Alternate is attending the meeting in the place of the Regular member, the meeting registration fee is the same for the Regular member Alternative as for the Regular Member.  Since a Regular Member Guest (2nd in command) is attending in addition to the Regular Member, higher registration fees for the Regular member Guest (and any guest of the Regular Member Guest) may apply.

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