Past Officers

1967 W.R. Woodward D.W. Banner C.C. Remson C.C. Remson
1968 D.W. Banner R.B. Benson C.C. Remson C.C. Remson
1969 R.B. Benson R.J. Steinmeyer F.C. Rote F.C. Rote
1970 R.J. Steinmeyer P.M. Enlow F.C. Rote F.C. Rote
1971 T.L. Bowes James Haskell H. Levine H. Levine
1972 James Haskell F.C. Rote H. Levine H. Levine
1973 F.C. Rote P.M. Enlow J.R. Hoatsen J.R. Hoatsen
1974 P.M. Enlow D.L. Johnson J.R. Hoatsen J.R. Hoatsen
1975 D.L. Johnson T.I. O'Brien W.L.Keefauver W.L.Keefauver
1976 T.I. O'Brien Vince Rauner W.L.Keefauver W.L.Keefauver
1977 V.J. Rauner H.F. Manbeck C.R. Patty C.R. Patty
1978 H.F. Manbeck R.H. Massengill C.R. Patty C.R. Patty
1979 R.H. Massengill C.R. Patty R.H. Robinson R.H. Robinson
1980 C.R. Patty, Jr. L.L. Mahone R.H. Robinson R.H. Robinson
1981 L.L. Mahone J.N. Hazelwood R.H. Robinson R.H. Robinson
1982 J.N. Hazelwood J.E. Maurer R.H. Robinson R.H. Robinson
1983 J.E. Maurer K.G. Preston, Jr. C.N. Shane, Jr. C.N. Shane, Jr.
1984 K.G. Preston, Jr. E.E. Innis C.N. Shane, Jr. C.N. Shane, Jr.
1985 E.E. Innis D.A. Thomas G.E. Glober, Jr. G.E. Glober, Jr.
1986 D.A. Thomas R.S. Smith G.E. Glober, Jr. G.E. Glober, Jr.
1987 R.S. Smith K.L. Zerschling Chow A.D. Lourie
1988 K.L. Zerschling Glober/Zibelli Chow A.D. Lourie
1989 R.L. Zibelli R.G. Waterman Omer Robert Armitage
1990 R.G. Waterman C.T. Severini Omer Robert Armitage
1991 C.T. Severini R.T. Orner Zieg Webster
1992 R.T. Orner Robert A. Armitage Zieg Webster
1993 Robert A. Armitage R.L. Zieg Webster Luecke
1994 R.L. Zieg O.H. Webster Luecke William F. Marsh
1995 O.H. Webster J.E. Luecke Allen W. Richmond William F. Marsh
1996 J.E. Luecke William F. Marsh Allen W. Richmond Steve P. Fox
1997 William F. Marsh Allen W. Richmond Patton Steve P. Fox
1998 Allen W. Richmond Steve P. Fox Patton Brooks
1999 Steve P. Fox H.R. Patton Wayne A. Jones Brooks
2000 H.R. Patton W.D. Brooks Wayne A. Jones Lou Virelli
2001 W.D. Brooks Wayne A. Jones Levine Lou Virelli
2002 Wayne A. Jones Lou J. Virelli Levine Harry Gwinnell
2003 Lou J. Virelli E. L. Levine Marc Adler Harry Gwinnell
2004 Harry Gwinnell Marc Adler Robert Hayter Phil Johnson
2005 Marc Adler      
2006 Phil Johnson Robert Hayter Kinzig Hawley
2007 Robert Hayter Gary Griswold Mike Walker Dollar
2008 Gary Griswold Mike Walker Angelo Chaclas Inger Eckert
2009 Mike Walker Inger Eckert Angelo Chaclas Russ Slifer
2010 Inger Eckert Angelo Chaclas Wood Russ Slifer
2011 Angelo Chaclas Russ Slifer Steve Miller  
2012 Russ Slifer Steve Miller Luke Dohmen Doug Norman
2013 Steve Miller Luke Dohmen Lisa Jorgenson Doug Norman
2014 Luke Dohmen Doug Norman Lisa Jorgenson Brian Stierwalt
2015 Doug Norman Brian Stierwalt Dennis Skarvan Carl Horton
2016 Dennis Skarvan Carl Horton Karen Borrelli Darryl Frickey
2017 Karen Borrelli Darryl Frickey Krish Gupta Kevin Rhodes
2018 Darryl Frickey Kevin Rhodes Krish Gupta Bernie Zidar
2019 Kevin Rhodes Krish Gupta Bernie Zidar Glenn Edwards


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